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August 13 2017

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Color Balls 1-4

Check out my print shop. http://www.nicholasscarpinato.com/1shop

Edition of 10

8in x 10in

Print signed by the artist.

Gallery print on natural white, luster archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1" border for framing.

Ships within two weeks.

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YOI but the ice is melted

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20-year-old Rio Monster on the street in Harajuku wearing a Lady Gaga x Urban Outfitters tee (Rio is the world’s biggest Gaga fan) with a vintage faux leather skirt, fishnet, a Dua Lipa sackpack, and Jeffrey Campbell sneakers. Full Look


me: (wakes up)
brain: k̗̣̳̝͓͝ ͈̱̤̳͓͎̪͜i̕ ͚̹͍l̟̭̰̱ ̳̪̫͍̠l̖̖ ͇̹͇̩ͅy͏̬̣̯̠̤ ͉͜o͚͈̯̫ͅ u͘ ̫̞̲̣͞ͅr̭̜̗͈̫̠ ̫̗͎͙͚̜ş̝̱͎̝̳͙ͅ ̤͙̺̯e̱͈ ̷l̴ ͖̭͈f̠̺̩͙͓
me: alright edgelord chill the fuck out


me: *is ugly & doesnt make sense*


Hey like this whole “well Nazis are just ignorant and need to be educated” shit is factually wrong. they are well aware of what they are doing they just need to be killed that’s it

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What are we wearing to the Black Panther movie!?? What’s the dress code!??

Hey check out Zuvaa, if anyone is interested in these styles and similar patterns. It’s an online global marketplace that promotes African clothing designers and their clothing lines! The clothing is beautiful and unique.





I am a citizen of Charlottesville, Virginia. Today (August 12th, 2017) and yesterday (August 11th, 2017) our city saw violent and chaotic rallies by Nazis and white supremacists. Counter-protesters, many of them students of the University of Virginia, which is here in this city, met the Nazi rallies bravely. People have been injured and arressted. People threw bottles filled with cement or urine, and mace and tear gas filled the air. A state of emergency was declared, and store owners nearby cited having police in riot gear blocking the doors of their buildings.

If you wish to donate to directly support protesters, citizens, and minority students at the University of Virginia, here are four links for you.

Solidarity Cville Anti-Racist Legal Fund

#A12 General Fund

The Charlottesville Chapter of the NAACP’s PayPal

UVA’s Donation Page for their Black Student Alliance

These are all links in which the money is guaranteed to directly go towards helping Charlottesville citizens specifically, whether through legal fees, or through raising support and awareness for the minority members of our community. I especially recommend choosing either the Solidarity Cville Fund or the Black Student Alliance’s donation page.

Thank you for all the support being sent our city’s way. #DEFENDCVILLE

Racism, Nazism, and White Supremacy (all three of which are currently trying to rebrand themselves as “Alt-Right”) are EVIL. They are morally indefensible. 

They think they can tear good people down through threats, violence, and hate. Through acts of terror and intimidation, they hoped to frighten us. 

Let’s prove that all they’ve accomplished is awakening a tide of resistance that will wash their bs “ideology” into the dusts of history. We are more, we are stronger, and our love will always trump their hate.

To all of my followers who are PoC, Muslim, Jewish, LGBTQ+, etc.: please know that you are valued, you are wonderful, and you BELONG. Together we are more powerful than the frightened voices that want to silence ours. No herd of tiki torch twats can change that. 

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Todoroki Shouto: then and now


the entire month of august is like the sunday evening of the year where you think you have your shit together but at 11pm you realize theres school tomorrow & your shit is completely not together 

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Really wanted to try animating water;;;
Used the thing I sketched some time ago as a base

August 12 2017

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I made a thing! I was thinking about this for a few days - because I realized that when I was young, I was also frustrated about being given the same advice over and over - without really knowing what it meant!!

Here’s 5 techniques which I have done before which have helped me grow as an artist, which are good for 5-minute warmups or just straight up challenges for your sketchbook! 

Obviously, these are not the ONLY techniques - they’re just the ones I find most fun! And maybe they’re not the most ‘correct’ ones out there, but it’s better than another comic about practicing more, right? 

Good luck to everyone on their drawings!

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Moss [Pixiv]

Reposted bywastedtimepkz451gdziejestolapiehussimplyfallingKocuch12czerwcapelnaradoscibaskuaTyMiJestes
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Just realized I never posted the full version of this. All of my deities prints are made with this one!

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Best friends

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Long time no see

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YOI Creators : Yuuri isn’t hot. He isn’t gorgeous. He is plain. He doesn’t have the best booty. We wanted a plain protagonist. He isn’t special off ice.

Also YOI creators : *releases official art*

Make yuuri have the best booty in this side of earth Drop dead gorgeous art coming up for your thirsty soul Oh did we mention he was bootilicious

Me: WTF, Mappa????

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